ntang (ntang) wrote,

What the hell...?

Someone just emailed me a job opportunity for a Windows NT developer (programmer) working with Visual C++, LDAP, ActiveX...

What in the nine hells were they thinking? I'm a =UNIX= =SYSTEM= =ADMINISTRATOR=. I run UNIX BOXEN. I write some PERL. I have never in my life used Microsoft Visual C++ and with a bit of luck I NEVER WILL. The headhunter obviously had never actually READ my resume, or he's technically illiterate. Either way, he shouldn't have been sending me job offers for stupid windows programming spots.

Sorry, I'm just so damn sick of headhunters bugging me (the drawback to being a successful senior sys admin is that my head is worth a lot more than the average tech's... so headhunters come after me like you wouldn't bloody believe...). I have a job already. I'm happy here. GO TO HELL!

If you are a headhunter and you're reading this, I don't want to hear from you unless you have an uber-fantastic job where everyone loves their position and works 6 hours or less per day, the pay is at least 25% more than my current income, and they have stock options, performance bonuses, 6 month salary reviews, and annual bonuses on top of it. Oh, and I want a signing bonus. Otherwise, SLAG OFF!

(No, I don't think any headhunters will be reading this, but you never know. And if I've inadvertantly insulted anyone, screw you too. Yes, I'm in a bad mood. No, I don't know why. Probably lack of sleep and stress.)

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