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Someone get the plate...

...of the Mack truck that hit me. Oh... man.

Woke up around 10:40 feeling like complete (and utter!) crap. I had some breakfast and some OJ and some vitamins and some time to re-acquaint myself with the vertical plane and I'm feeling a bit less crappy now. But only a bit. Nnnggghh.

Had an amusing chat with djstorm about dead husbands last night, and stayed up entirely too late talking to alexandria (I think 3:30 am?! I was losing track of time towards the end. Oh, yeah, that's right, because a little while after signing off AIM I posted about NYMetro's dining out article, and the timestamp says 3:55 AM. Sweet.) about all sorts of things (including much venging and wrothfulness and discussions of matters of biblical importance).

So... I suppose it's possibly related, the whole staying up until 4 am whilst sick and then feeling like crap the next morning bit, but you'll have to prove it to me before I'll believe it. And hey, it was worth it in the end. Hmmm. Think I need to dig through my bag of tricks and see what sort of cold/flu medicines I've got stashed away.

(Musical Note: Driven To Tears was actually playing when I finished this post, but Don't Stand So Close to Me was playing for the first part of it and seemed more appropriate considering my sick state. Not the content of the song, I mean, the title. If I was even sicker, though, Driven to Tears would've worked Quite Nicely. As it was, though, it would've just been melodramatic, and as you all know I am never, ever, ever ever, never ever melodramatic. And so, well, there you go.)

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