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Food... coma... [c] [f]

We had a baked, glazed ham and a brined turkey for dinner tonight, along with string beans, mashed potatoes, stuffing, two gravies/sauces (one for each meat), and jellied cranberry sauce.

After I had finished dinner I basically was unable to do anything; I'm recovered from that now, but now tiredness is setting in. Putting it all away was a bit of a bear, and required some creative re-arrangement of the contents of the fridge - the turkey alone was 18 and a half pounds and took up a good half a shelf in the fridge; the ham took up the other half. Wrapping the turkey was an interesting exercise as well; it was too big for bags, so we mummified it in plastic wrap and then put an outer layer of tinfoil over it. It worked, I guess.

That brined turkey is dangerous; it should be registered with the government for our safety. I just can't not eat it. It's terrible. It is SO good - I normally like turkey, but this is like the crack-cocaine of the turkey world (perhaps of the entire poultry world). God damn.

Getting the kids to bed tonight was another difficult task; neither one was much up for the whole concept of bed, and both were being a pain in the butt. Still, the sooner they were in bed, the sooner we could finish up and get to bed, and the sooner we're all asleep, the sooner I can watch them open their presents. Yay! I'm looking forward to seeing their reactions tomorrow. Should be fun. :)

Anyhoo. Merry Christmas, all, I'm off to bed. G'nite!

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