ntang (ntang) wrote,

Christmas Day things to do

Not sure how many people on my f-list know about The Lunch Club, but for all of those of you in the city tomorrow with no plans, you may want to check this out:

Looking for something to do on Christmas day? Come join The Lunch Club for our annual Christmas Day gathering for Chinese food & the Movies! We did it last year and it was a big hit :-) It's a Jewish tradition, but of course, all are welcome!

We'll start with a big Chinese feast at The Cottage at Gramercy (16th street & Irving Place). This is a very comfortable restaurant with a great vibe and great Chinese food. We're going to have a huge family-style feast with all kinds of appetizers and entrees to partake of. There will be chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian options galore. They're very happy to have us on Christmas day and I've been assured that we will be well taken care of. The feast starts at 12:30 pm sharp.

The price is $20 for the feast, plus tax & tip (8.75% tax & 20% tip). Soda is included as well and there will be a cash bar for the festive drinkers. (We apologize cuz we first advertised this as tax & tip included, but that was a minor error on my part).

After we've gorged ourselves, we'll head over to United Artists Union Square theater. Many of us will be going to the 3:20 pm showing of Lord of the Rings. I strongly suggest you purchase your ticket in advance so you don't run the risk of it selling out. Tickets can be purchased at Fandango.com. Be sure to set the date for Thursday, December 25th, the 3:20 pm showing. You can also purchase tickets at the theatre in advance. For those who do not wish to see Lord of the Rings, consider Cheaper by the Dozen or Mona Lisa Smile which start around the same time. You can see who wants to do what, and decide the day of :-) We'll rendez-vous at 7:30 pm after the movie at a yet-to-be-determined bar of some sort.

You have a place to go on Christmas day! I look forward to the yule tide egg rolls and gollum gollum.

Jared Nissim
Founder, The Lunch Club
Because eating alone is boring.

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