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Merry Christmas! [f] [k] [p] [h]

It's a day early, but what the hell. Merry Christmas everyone! And to make it somewhat more timely, Merry Christmas Eve! To all of you heathens, happy whatever-it-is-you-celebrate, Yule and the Solstice, or Hanukah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever the hell. Merry merry!

Most people have seen it by now, but some of you may enjoy tracking Santa on NORAD's radar:

Last we checked, he was flying west over China. Go Santa go!

I've got to wrap the kids presents today (I guess I've got until he hits the East Coast on the tracker to get them done :P ) and do other Christmassy sorts of things. I'm kinda tired (went out and had some fun last night, and fortunately I'm not one to suffer hangovers, but I didn't get much sleep either) so I don't know how spirited our day today will be, but tomorrow should be fun. For those of you who are easily amused and have nothing better to do, you can always try watching the WPIX Yule Log which will be running for 4 hours tomorrow morning. They're even broadcasting it in Hi-Def this year, for those of you who really want to see every detail of... a log... burning. I'm not sure if that's cool, or just plain weird.

Here's a pic of me and my cousins and my grandfather from way back when, at Christmas. Seemed appropriate. One of them is in Poland right now, one in Vancouver. My grandfather's in Vancouver, and he's not doing so well, health-wise. I hope he's ok.

This photo is me and my parents and uncle and grandmother (my nana). (She's dead now.) That's an old, old photo. I think both photos are from Brooklyn but I'm not really sure.

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