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Good morning. [f] [k] [c]

Had a good morning for a change.

The kids decided to actually let us sleep in - while I had to get up in the middle of the night at least once to comfort the wee-er of the wee ones, and once more in the morning to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water, otherwise I slept straight through for almost 8 hours. That's shocking - it's the most sleep I've gotten in one piece in weeks. Literally. Months probably. I honestly can't remember the last time I've slept for 8 hours straight. I'm still a bit in shock. (And I think I have a bit of a headache from sleeping too much. Sigh.)

After waking up (and my dad was still asleep! Hallelujah! He needs it even more than I do...), I made the kids pancakes. All we had for floury-stuff was Aunt Jemima's pancake mix, bleh, which is one of those "just add water and mix!" mixes. Great if you want to eat crap, but not so great if you want decent pancakes. I did what I could to spruce 'em up a bit, adding some milk and vanilla and cinnamon and nutmeg (I was going for a sort of spice-(pan)cake thing) and it worked reasonably well. They still were bad, but they weren't so bad. My dad woke up towards the end of it and came out and eat, and I stayed in the kitchen doing the dishes and cleaning up. (He asked me as he sat down to eat how I got them so round and nicely sized and even. I just shrugged. But that was sort of cool, heh. He makes the kids pancakes every weekend, so it's not as if he doesn't have some experience there himself.)

Speaking of that, I actually felt pretty good, and put the clean dishes away (my dad usually does the dishes and never does that; the draining rack by the sink is always stacked past overflowing, and taking anything out or putting anything on top is like some sort of twisted, pot- and knife-encrusted game of jenga) and washed all of the dirty dishes, and for my grande finale actually cleaned the stove-top - not just a casual wipe-down either, I spent maybe 20 minutes picking up the thingamajigs under the electric coils and wiping under there and so on and so forth. I know, it's hardly a major achievement, but spending a good couple of hours cooking and then cleaning when you've been as tired and stressed out as I am is at least noteworthy.

Now I'm "off" to do some online shopping, hopefully finish out my Christmas shopping without having to go outside and brave the... outside. Then to the gym for a workout, and then, finally, settle in for work. Oh, work. Yes. Well.

Anyways, back to... whatever.

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