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What a shitty night... [k]

While finishing up our dinner (the kids had already eaten and were getting into bed), my older son runs out and tells us that something is amiss. "[younger son] doesn't look so good..." he said ominously. My dad followed him over to see what was wrong. I scampered behind quickly once I heard the shouts.

M, my younger son, had... had some... issues while going to the bathroom. He's potty trained, but still not exactly a pro. Apparently he had done a big poop, and had used way too much toilet paper wiping himself, and the toilet had clogged. This happens, whatever, you deal with it. The only problem? He hadn't left it at that. He tried to fix things.

I don't know exactly how events transpired, but when we got there, there was shit in the sink, and smeared all over the toilet. His pajamas and underwear were smeared with shit and piss and the toilet was filled with toilet paper - it looks like he had used most of a roll trying to clean things up, but mostly only succeeded in smearing it around.

In all fairness, he had been trying to make things better - he had realized the toilet was clogged, and tried to unclog it (sigh) and then tried to clean it up (sigh) and when we got there was trying to get himself dressed (sigh). What bothers me is that he was apparently trying to hide it all - somehow thinking we wouldn't notice that he stank or that the sink had little pieces of shit in it (SIGH).

Anyways, my dad cleaned him up, and I cleaned up the bathroom, and now he's in bed, bathed, in clean clothes, and the sink and toilet and surrounding areas have been wiped down and disinfected. But man. What a night.

Have I ever said what a joy it is to be a father?

(I considered writing this with a humorous tone, but I lack the mental fortitude to turn it into something amusing. It's inherently amusing in some ways, and so take what enjoyment you can from that. SIGH.)

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