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Oh, incidentally...

...for those of you who haven't used it recently, or not at all, Mozilla has been getting very slick recently. I will state outright that I hate the new look - but it's gotten fast and reliable like I wouldn't have believed possible just a few short months ago. I've been using it as my primary browser for months, and it's almost becoming my only browser nowadays - the only reason it isn't is so that I can watch my friends page on both of my LJ accounts at once (two logins, two cookies, means two browsers ;) ). Other than that, I use Mozilla exclusively - and it is REALLY nice.

If you're at all interested in it, wait a few days, and download Mozilla 0.9 when it comes out. 0.8.1 is old and a bit out of date, but 0.9 should be out any day now - and having used the daily builds, I can say that it should finally be "ready" for the general populace to try out. Is it perfect? Hell no. Is it as fast or as stable or as feature-filled as it should be? Nope. Is it pretty damn good regardless, and improving rapidly? Yep.

So, check it out. I'll post again once 0.9 has been released. Get it, you'll like it. For those of you jaded, misinformed bastards that grabbed Netscape 6 or 6.01 - trust me, it's SO much better you'll be amazed they're even supposedly related. I've played with Netscape 6.x and I hate it - but I love Mozilla. Imagine if, say, a lamborghini was taken into a, say, yugo shop, and modified by a 6 drunken yugo engineers, a horny chimpanzee, and 3 chihuahuas - that's about the equivalent of what happened to Mozilla when Netscape took it, raped it*, and released the resulting bastard, inbred, 6-toed toothless love-child as Netscape 6.

* - I realize this statement, much like Brad's retarded error message, is somewhat politically incorrect. I apologize deeply to all of the bastard, inbred, 6-toed toothless love-children I've offended. To everyone else, I say this: fuck you. Or, if you're a cute... well, never mind. Ok, I will say rape is nothing to joke about and I do feel a bit guilty about using it to illustrate my point, but it just seemed so appropriate in a terribly inappropriate and offensive way. Does that make any sense? Look, it's 2 am and I've got insomnia. I've been getting 4 or less hours of sleep every night for weeks. I'm basically delirious at this point. If you don't like it, don't read my bloody journal.

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