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LJ: when caching goes bad [g]

LJ's being an asshole. I've made updates to my post(s) and they aren't showing up. (And no, it's not cached in my browser.) Bah.

Update: Ok, it just refused to post the update for a while*, and then discarded it. Yes, lost it. Fuckers. I didn't feel like writing it all up again (nor could I, since it was all written spontaneously the first time and I don't remember it all), but I summarized it as best as I could. Sigh.

* - I say refused, implying that it had the data, because it did. When I did an "Edit last entry" in my client, the changes were there. When I loaded it in the browser, they weren't. Client, there. Browser, not there. Etc. I did this for about 20 minutes until I got tired of it. Finally, when I checked again, it was missing from both. RAWK!

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