ntang (ntang) wrote,

"Celeb" sighting of the week

One of my best celebrity sightings ever. Tonight, while walking from the office to the subway on the way home, I walked past Fisher Stevens walking around downtown with two other guys I didn't recognize.

You may not recognize the name - I had no idea what the hell his name was, personally. But when I saw his face, I knew him. Who is he? He is, of course, one of the stars of Short Circuit, one of the best 80's movies, EVER*. (His character's name apparently changed from Short Circuit to Short Circuit 2 according to IMDB, so I guess you can pick either one: Ben Jabituya or Ben Jahrvi.)

I have to say, this totally beats out Drew Barrymore a few weeks ago, or anyone else other than Penn and Teller, I think.

* EVER. One of the best 80's movies OF ALL TIME. EVER.

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