ntang (ntang) wrote,

New office [w]

Well, first day in the new office. The space is pretty nice, overall, although incredibly dusty (they didn't clean before they moved us in, sigh... I feel like my fingers have a coating of flour over them or something, it sucks). Anyways, after a few days once we're really settled in and the dust is gone and so on and so forth, it looks like this place'll be great. And until then, I'll just pretend I'm making bread.

The space was a Monster.com space, but they had financial difficulties and vacated the office after dumping money into renovating it, and so we get a nice, semi-new, mostly-renovated office for not-too-much-money at all. Good times, good times. We (Systems) have a fairly nice area, with only one problem: we're very exposed. We used to be in the back corner of the building we were in, which was a little too isolated at times, but nice because we didn't have any traffic going through our area, our backs were to walls and not to people, and people didn't randomly wander by.

Now..? Well, there's a microwave and water thing on the side of our space, and the mailboxes, and a printer, and four separate hallways run into our space, which means in short that there'll be a constant supply of foot traffic, in many cases probably talkative foot traffic. In the old office people always used to hang out and chat around the water cooler and microwave, I doubt if it'll be much different now. Grumble.

All in all, though, a big improvement over the last space, much nicer offices, and a lot less embarrassing - I can have business meetings here without feeling like I need to apologize for the space. Sweet.

*sneeze* I'm just sittin' here, makin' bread.

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