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Trick or treating

About to go take the kids out trick or treating. I'll probably post an update and photos later, assuming I'm not too tired. I think I'm going to crash early tonight, I could use some sleep.

Had a nice day today, though. We're moving offices, and so this morning I came in, shut everything down, and packed up. We handed in our old id cards, got our new ones, and then we went out.

We were going to hold our weekly meeting in Java 'n Jazz or whatever it was called, but... it was closed. In the out of business, construction going on sense. Oops. So we walked around the corner and held the meeting in the B&N Cafe.

After the meeting, we went to Tamarind for our weekly lunch. I've been there before, and it was nice - it was nice this time, too. The lunch was pretty expensive, but they earned their money. For some reason we have a tendency to get really lousy service when we go out; maybe they don't like dealing with tables of 8 or 9, but it seems like we'd be ideal. We're a big group, which means a big bill and a big tip, and we're not too picky - we get things off the menu, we don't ask for weird changes or substitutions, and other than having some vegetarians in our group we've got no dietary restrictions. They should love us. :P But we tend to get consistently crappy service. Anyways, the point is, today was a very big exception to the rule - they gave us the kind of service you expect to get at a nice restaurant, with all of our needs taken care of, and very actively attentive servers. (i.e. keeping an eye on us and trying to anticipate our needs, not making us flag them over every time we wanted anything. Half of the places we've gone don't even respond when we try waving them over, we have to go get a waiter when we need something. Sigh.)

After we finished lunch, we went home. Work on Monday commences in the shiny new office downtown.

Anyways, it was the most relaxed working Friday I've had in a while, not to mention the first one in a long while that's ended before 3 pm. :) That was a very nice change. I came back home and relaxed while waiting for my dad and the kids to get back, and now, off we go. Back in a bit. Happy Halloween all!
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