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Two dollar bill

You know, until last night, I thought there were no two dollar bills. I mean, I know there used to be two dollar bills, but I had no idea they were still in circulation and still legal tender. Not only are two dollar bills still out there - but they're about to do a new printing, the first since 1996.


That's so crazy. I still have trouble believing it. I have never - swear to God, never ever - seen a two dollar bill in my life. Today when I go to the bank to deposit a check, I'm going to hand the teller a withdrawal slip for $10 and ask for five $2 bills. I have to see these things.

Update: I bit the bullet, and went and got change from the bank: one $20 bill (old skool) into 10 crisp '96 and '76 $2 bills. Sigh. My illusions have been torn down. I am... distraught.
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