ntang (ntang) wrote,

Awesome idea.

I totally know how to get us to profitability BEFORE the end of the year!

The HR person is going around having everyone fill out the life insurance policy paperwork, since apparently a lot of people never did. I did so I'm ok.

But anyway, a lot of people are sitting around saying "I can't think of who to list as my beneficiary". So I've got it - list the company as your beneficiary. It removes the question of who to list, and when we need to get rid of people, we can really get rid of people. Not only will it save us having to pay for silly things like severance pay, but we can actually profit from every death. No more layoffs! Now, people who are underperforming or who aren't critical to the company will wash up on the shore of the river.

Is that perfect or what?

I'm a bloody genius*.

* - Pun most gleefully intended.

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