ntang (ntang) wrote,

Deep thoughts

Just got a spam entitled "Look great in lingerie." *sigh* If only... *fluttering of eyelashes*

But yesterday, I got perhaps the best spam ever: "Get more ass than a toilet seat!"

Finally, on to more serious matters, the latest question from dailysoulsearch: "If someone offered you a huge sum of cash, say, ten million US dollars or the equivalent, but the catch was that in exchange you would never find true love and/or would have to give up the true love you've already found, would you take the money? What would be the reason for your decision?"

I always find questions like that interesting, in part because the askers are SO DAMN CHEAP. $10m is an easy number to say no to; stretched over the course of my life, which I hope will be at least another 60 years, it comes out to what, $160k a year? That amount is too easy to say no to, especially when, considering inflation, it probably would be worth considerably less over the course of my life. Love's a precious thing, and certainly worth more to me than that.

So first off, let me change the number to something a little more enticing - say, $100m. There's a number I could live like a king on for the rest of my life, even including inflation. Now there, with those numbers, I think things might be different. At that point, I think I could agree to give up any chance of future True Love. Why? Well, I'm practical like that, I guess.

The thing is, I think True Love is one of those things that's so ephemeral and so rare that I'm not holding my breath for it. I think with or without the money, I may never find that person, and there's an awful lot of appeal to living a life of luxury and knowing I can provide for myself, my family, and even help my friends, with no real risk of running short of cash. Hell, just the interest alone would be a sizable sum and it's quite possible I could do a whole lot of good with that money. I could make sure my kids were taken care of, make sure my parents could live comfortable lives, put my brother through college, help out friends and other family members who are hard up for cash, and give to good causes. Not only that, but I'd have all my time free, since I wouldn't be working, and I could start painting again, build my own darkroom in my new house and start doing manual photography again, spend more time with the kids, go to the gym every day, travel every year, and even put in a few hours a week doing things like helping at soup kitchens or shelters or whereever else I thought I could do some good. (Not to mention being able to give them large sums of money as well!)

I tend to think an awful lot of happiness and personal satisfaction could be derived from that - I might doom myself to never experience true love, but it says nothing about friendships, or even relationships - I might not find The One for me, if there even is someone like that out there, but there's nothing to say I couldn't have a relationship where I enjoyed the time I spent with the person and plenty of friendships.

I dunno. I think $100m could make me awfully happy. I know money doesn't buy happiness, but y'know, it can certainly make it easier to achieve. (Do I sound horribly cynical saying that? It's true, though.)

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