ntang (ntang) wrote,

The Movie List Update

Ok, here's the latest update. Same rules apply. Live in/near NYC and like seeing movies? So do I. And I hate seeing them alone. So tell me if you want to see any of these:

Must sees: (must is a bit strong, but...)
Anything Else
Swimming Pool
The Secret Lives of Dentists
28 Days Later (is this even in theaters still?)
The Station Agent
Kill Bill
Anything at the Film Forum
Bubba Ho Tep
Matrix Revolutions
LotR: RotK
Elf (like others I've listed, it's probably going to be terrible, but...)
Small Voices
Bus 174
Girls will be Girls

Can sees: (i.e. other movies I wouldn't mind seeing)
The Rundown
Out of Time
Cold Creek Manor
Dickie Roberts
Dirty Pretty Things
Under the Tuscan Sun (buy me dinner first :P )
Secondhand Lions (get me drunk first, I think)
Case de los Babys
Intolerable Cruelty
Runaway Jury
The Returner
Ok, almost anything at the Film Forum would've been more accurate.
The Singing Detective
Master and Commander
The Last Samurai
The Flower of Evil

Have seen: (Probably don't want to go again, but maybe.)
Lost in Translation
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
American Splendor
Matchstick Men

Will soon be seeing: (May still be a chance to get in on the action! Heh.)
Mystic River
School of Rock
Bend it Like Beckham (going to just buy the dvd)

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