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Oh my. I just saw a hell of a game, talk about your emotional roller coasters.

The Cowboys just beat the Giants, 35-32, in overtime.

First off, the Giants were supposed to win, everyone was projecting them to win by 7, 10, 13, 17, etc. points. They're the better team.

Secondly, this was the return of Bill Parcells to the Meadowlands - he was the Giants coach before he was the Cowboys coach, and he led the Giants to two superbowl victories. When he retired last, I thought it was for good - but he couldn't resist the field's siren call and came back, to coach the Giants' nemesis and arch-rival, the Cowboys. Somewhat ironically, the height of their rivalry came while Parcells was coaching the Giants - figures he'd go to the Cowboys and rekindle that rivalry.

So the Giants start off with a lead, as expected, but then the Cowboys just start pounding on Big Blue - dropping them to 23-7, and making the game look rather hopeless. The rain was pouring, the Giants rookie front line (it's been over 20 years since any team has had three rookies in their offensive line) was crumbling, Collins is getting constant pressure, and making huge mistakes. The Giants headed into the 4th quarter down 26-14.

The rain clears, though, the Cowboys' defense gets slowly worn down, and suddenly, the Giants find their footing and come screaming back to take the lead, 32-29, with 11 seconds remaining in regulation.

Matt Bryant, who barely won the position of Giants kicker, takes the kick... and screws it up royally, sending it out of bounds to the left and suddenly the Cowboys are on the 40 with the full 11 seconds left on the clock. Fassel pussies out, calls a prevent defense, and the Giants give up a big pass, which leads to a Cowboys field goal... and suddenly, with 0 seconds left on the clock, the game is tied. Overtime. Bill Parcells, who was 49-0 in games where his team led by 12+ points going into the 4th quarter, has been given a second chance.

The Cowboys win the toss, and the Giants D comes up big to shut them down before they can get in field goal range - but just barely. They kick to the Giants, who manage a single first down before kicking it away... and then the Giants defense, who looked last week like they were coming back to their glory days, falls apart. The Cowboys, battered and worn, manage to punch through the Giants defense, eat up the yards until they're safely within field goal range, and they kick their final field goal - number seven - of the game, to win in sudden death overtime, 35-32.

That was the most exhausting game I've had to watch in a long time. It was a great one, even though the Giants lost, but in some ways it makes it even worse - after all of those ups and downs, all of those heroic efforts, to lose it like that, it's just wrong. They should've held, one last time. They should've been able to make that kickoff. They should've been more aggressive on defense. So many shoulda's, woulda's, coulda's...
Ah well. That game's going to be talked about for a long time, I think. Me? I'm just utterly wiped out.

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