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Busy weekend

It's weird, this whole not-going-into-work-on-Friday. It feels like my weekend should be ending tonight - but it's not!

So the weekend really started on Friday for me. (I took Friday off after returning from Vancouver, so I'd have a chance to actually recover, for a change. Last time I got back around midnight on Sunday and was back at work the next morning. Big mistake.)

I woke up late yesterday, made pancakes for the kids, and then took them into the city to the AMNH. If you haven't been there, it's a great museum, and a lot of fun for the kids. We saw the special chocolate exhibit, which was a bit disappointing - totally adult-oriented and boring for kids, despite their efforts to add a few token child-friendly displays and activities. The rest of the museum was fun, though, and the kids had fun (as usual) playing in the Discovery room.

After the museum closed, we went to Central Park and wandered around a bit. We entered near the museum at the Naturalists' Walk, meandered through to Hernshead, exploring the area, and tossed a little soft football around in one of the open spaces around the Lake. The kids were getting hungry, so we walked over to Strawberry Fields and had a little hot dog picnic on their Pokemon towel. After eating, we walked over to Sheep Meadow and tossed the football around some more and played until dark. We didn't get home until pretty late, and still had to eat dinner, so we were all pretty beat by the time I finally got them to bed. My parents got home from dropping my brother off at SUNY around 1 am, and I talked with my mom for a few hours until we both were at the collapsing point and went to bed.

Today we had a lazy day - more pancakes, for breakfast, and then we just played around at home. Later on we went to see Freaky Friday, which was a lot more intelligent and skillfully done than I expected, even despite reading several positive reviews of it. It certainly won't win any Oscars for best picture or direction or anything, but both leading ladies did a really good job and overall the movie was pretty enjoyable.

After putting the kids to bed, I watched Ringu, which I got from Netflix. Pretty good movie, but very dark (I know they're trying to set a mood, but they overdid it a bit - or maybe the DVD was just poorly made or the cinematography just lacking). (And when I say dark, I mean literally dark, as in not a lot of light and hard to see.) It was an interesting watch, though, even if it wasn't as scary as I was expecting and not done as well as I was hoping. It felt somewhat unfinished at the end, and the entire movie felt like it was missing a bit - like with a few more minutes spent on each section they could've fleshed it out a bit and made it work better. It turned out to be more of a somewhat mundane mystery, and it just felt like there wasn't enough mystery to the mystery. Ah well. Now I'm eager to see The Ring to see how it differs and how it holds up.

That's pretty much it. Not sure what we'll do tomorrow. I was thinking of taking the kids to the Aquarium, but it's a long trip and I'm not sure if it's worth it ($11 for me, $7 for each of them!) considering that we're already worn out and still adjusting to the east coast clocks. We've all been staying up late and waking up late, and I'd hate to spend almost 2 hours getting there only to have missed most of the stuff going on. If it was a little closer/more convenient I'd be more likely to go through with it (dragging two kids for 2 hours each way is really difficult on a good day).

Sigh. Not looking forward to going back to work on Monday. I'm starting to actually relax - just ever so slightly - and it's really welcome. I need more. :/
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