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Video game questions

For those who have any experience/opinions on video games, I've got some questions.

First off: I just spent some time and dug the old Playstation (original, not 2) out of the closet and spent some time playing Gran Turismo. I still love that damn game. So, having said that:

1.) Are there any good racing games for the Nintendo Gamecube? I don't want something too arcadey, but not too hardcore simulation-style either - something like GT which is a good mix of fun and realism and has a lot of options for long-term gameplay (like the "sim" mode in GT).

2.) For those of you who've spent a decent amount of time playing both GT and the PS2 versions, are they much better, or basically just the same game with a new coat of paint (i.e. better graphics/sound and new cars/tracks but otherwise fundamentally the same)? Are they as good as GT - or worse - or even better? (Not including graphics and such - because I don't care much about that, it's the driving experience that matters.)

3.) For those of you who've got PS2's, do you ever regret it, or feel your money'd be better spent on a different system? I know it's got a lot of games, but does it have a lot of good games or just a lot of lousy games?

(Yes, I'm pondering buying a PS2 primarily for GT. Yes, I like the original that much. And no, I can't currently afford it, but in a couple of months I probably can swing it. Or if I put it on *wince* credit.)
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