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Netflix - This is Spinal Tap

So I finally joined Netflix over the weekend, and amazingly got the first 2 movies today - that's blindingly fast. (I signed up Saturday, they're closed on weekends, they shipped on Monday, today's Tuesday... you do the math. ;) )

So I watched This is Spinal Tap tonight - finally - after wanting to see it for a long time but never getting around to it. Great, great, great movie. :) After watching the movie, I watched about an hour and a half of extras - stuff cut from the movie, some amusing trailers and ads, and started in on the commentary track but I was too tired to finish it. Amazing how an 84 minute movie could keep me occupied for 3 hours. ;)

Anyways, I'm loving Netflix so far. I'm still in the 10 day free trial period (obviously) but I don't think I'll be canceling at the end. ;) If I do just 3 movies a week, which is easy, then you're talking 12-15 movies a month - well worth the $20/month cost. I still don't have cable, but now I don't mind so much. Anyways, most of the good series seem to be coming out on dvd anyways, heh. 3 dvd's a week will let me rip through the Sopranos and every other HBO series I missed in just a few months. :)

Ah well, I'm tired, I'm going to bed.
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