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Euphemisms for death

Here's another cheery read for everyone:


It's a fairly comprehensive discussion and listing of regional euphemisms for death, which starts with "going over the Big Ridge" to ends with (from what I saw) "Bit the big one". It's actually pretty amusing.

I found it when reading this thread on Death Idioms:


(How do I find this stuff? Well, because I read about someone dancing the "Tyburn jig", and while I was able to figure out through its context that it referred to being hung (in the sense of "by a noose, until dead", not in the sense of "possessed of a large cock" (and by cock, of course, I'm referring to the male member, not a male chicken (and by member... oh, whatever))), I had no idea where it came from. (And by came, I'm referring to its etymology, not... uh... nevermind.))

(If you're curious but your fingers are too weak to click the mouse over that link, the answer is this:

"The Tyburn jig's an easy one. Tyburn was a renowned site for public hangings in England. When hanged, the body's legs no doubt twitched, far moreso if the hangman had got it somewhat wrong, and the criminal got throttled to death, instead of having his neck broken - hence the blackly comical term, dancing the Tyburn jig.")

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