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Accessible Taxis Press Conference Wednesday, July 23 at 12 noon

For anyone who's in NYC but not in nycnobody...

Accessible Taxis Press Conference

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

12:00 Noon

City Hall Steps

(entrance on Park Row between Spruce and Beekman)

(followed by Stated Council Meeting from 1:00 onward)

Show up! Bring others!

Tell our elected officials that we want accessible taxis and car services in usable numbers!

Council Member Margarita Lopez is holding a Press Conference on the steps of City Hall, Wednesday, July 23rd at 12:00 noon with the "Taxis for All Campaign" advocates to speak out against the inadequacy of 90 medallions out of 900 designated for wheelchair accessible taxis. Out of about 14,000 taxis, how would we find one of those 90?

Over 70 cities in the U.S. and abroad have viable taxi services. It's time for NYC to end segregation in the taxi industry, and begin creating an adequate and reliable wheelchair accessible taxi industry. If government has the commitment and the will, it will happen. We've waited long enough! All are invited. Bring others! Turn out in great numbers! Plan to stay for the stated City Council session afterward to remind our lawmakers that we need taxis, too.

(Originally posted by aleja.)

Personally I never understood the subways, they're so inaccessible it always amazed me - I know how difficult it was lugging a stroller up and down the stairs, I can't imagine trying to use them in a wheelchair.

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