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Undiscovered treasures

Found a nice little restaurant today, or I suppose technically a pair of them - Rose's Express (the "express" spinoff from Rose's other restaurant, the cunningly named Rose's Place). The food was good, and it was cheap - after my disastrous encounter with a bitter, vengeful hummus mix it was nice to get the real stuff (it's a Lebanese place) and then some.

It got me thinking. Part of the point of this life, or at least theoretically mine, is to go out there and experience things - new things, preferably. It's the whole point of chowhound, it's why I love trying new restaurants and seeing what's out there, it's why I love finding random little film festivals or unknown events or whatever. There's so much out there that no one even knows about, how much better - how much richer and fulfilling - could life be if we just knew about them?

NJ's sort of challenging that way. In NYC, you have a million resources to find things, and then some. There are weekly magazines that advertise and list and review the latest happenings. There are websites, flyers on wall, word of mouth. The entire city is seething with opportunity, very little of it lost. NJ, on the other hand - what do you do?

There's no Time Out NJ. There's no NJ Today website. There's no street flyers stapled to mailboxes and the sides of dogs running in the grass. Where do you look? How do you find them?

I heard about Rose's by listening in on a conversation in the gym downstairs, and since it was about food, my ears perked up and I made sure I remembered the details of how to get there. I'm glad I did. If I hadn't, I'd never have known about this little oasis - $6 for a large helping of hummus and some lamb and 4 whole pitas and a little side of pickled vegetables. The same thing would cost you $12 in NYC and probably wouldn't be as good. We passed a sign for some sort of summer festival that sounded fun, and I've occasionally heard about some other interesting things out there that I wish I could've gone to. I bet there are plenty of undiscovered cultural treasures out in NJ too, little low-budget museums and exhibits and neighborhoods that are bursting with things to do and learn and see and experience. By letting all of that slide through my fingers, I'm potentially missing out on so much.

So what does this mean? Time to start exploring my (for better or worse) home state?

PLEASE. It's New Jersey. Give me a break, and pass the TONY.

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