ntang (ntang) wrote,

Long, long weekend.

Did I mention it was a long weekend?

My cousin (S) and her husband (R) came up for the weekend. There were local celebrations of Malagasy Independence Day, and he was supposed to be playing in the soccer championship up here, but he broke his nose last weekend so was unable to play this weekend.

We picked them up Friday night after they took the crazy-cheap Chinatown bus up, and then on Saturday my cousin and I went out around the city, getting brunch at Cafe Orlin, moving on to tea at some tea shop whose name began with an M (but which I can't remember - but it was at 109 Saint Mark's Place!) with both that cousin plus another cousin (M) and her boyfriend (J). After that, my cousin S and I went down into Brooklyn where we got a couple of slices at DiFara's. After that, we headed over to Penn Station to meet up with her husband, who had been attending some of the events for independence day (specifically a basketball tournament). He missed his train, so things got a bit difficult, but we eventually managed to meet up for dinner at the Kabab Cafe, along with penchantnyc, saintlex, and their friend D. After that, we were exhausted, so we just went back home.

This morning we dropped the two of them (S + R) off so they could cheer his team on in the soccer championship, and then I went to my mom's place to have lunch with her and spend some time with the kids before they went to my ex's place for a month. After lunch, I headed into Chinatown where I met with my cousin and her husband and we had lunch at Moon House, which is decent but not great. I'd go to New Green Bo ahead of Moon House just about any day, but New Green Bo had no seats free and we were all tired and they were hungry. (Moon House isn't bad at all, don't get me wrong, but I think the food overall is better at NGB. I've had some very good dishes at Moon House, and some not so great ones. Then again, NGB hasn't been perfect, either.) Finally, we swung by a Chinese bakery to pick up some cha siu bao for me and some snacks for their bus ride, and then I dropped them off at the bus and walked around for a while to work off some of the food.

After I got my, my father and I went to see Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. It got pretty bad reviews, but I had fun watching it - which is all I expected. It was brainless and over the top and ridiculous, but sometimes it's fun to watch a movie which doesn't try to be anything more than just a good time. Which is to say - I'd recommend it if you just want to go have fun at a movie, and I wouldn't recommend it at all if you want anything more (at all) from a movie. Demi Moore has held up quite nicely for a 41 year old - but you know who's held up mind-bogglingly well - Jaclyn Smith. Just shy of 60 years old, she's still beautiful* (even if they probably did "photoshop" the hell out of her). Regardless, I still think the idea of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher together is somewhat disturbing. The dude's 25 years old, and should be dating Demi's kids, not her.

Anyhoo. I'm now officially exhausted. Not to mention full. ;) Getting a bunch of Tangs together is dangerous, although restaurants love it.

* - that photo was taken for the premiere - in other words, less than a month ago!

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