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Bowlarama - success!

I had the first (of many!) Bowlaramas today, and it was a complete success.

For those of you who weren't there, Bowlarama is a new experiment I tried - not really my idea, but I was the first to actually do it so I deserve some credit, right? ;) Basically, the day starts with brunch (this time at the very nice Cafe Orlin), then moves onto a few rounds of bowling (Bowlmor), and then finishes with a few rounds of pool (Corner Billiards).

(You may wonder why we left Bowlmor to play pool, since Pressure is right above it. The answer: Pressure doesn't open until 7 pm. We finished bowling around 4:30.)

The day was a lot of fun. Cafe Orlin was a great little place, I had walked by it a million times but never tried it. It's apparently known for its omelets, and having had one I know why - very, very good. My friend Ben and ozzdo each reported that their omelets were good as well.

Bowlmor was nice, not too expensive ($5 for shoe rentals, $8 per person per game), and had a nifty electronic score keeper (everyone types in their names/initials, and then it tells you whose shot it is, how many points everyone has, etc.). It's got a very "hip" feel to it, and apparently is very popular with celebs - not surprising, since it's hard to find a lot of bowling alleys that are hip and cool. It's still a very accessible place, though, not at all imposing (although the prices on the food and drinks is a bit high).

Corner Billiards was great, I thought, very nice, calm, music not too loud and annoying, no feeling of being watched by everyone or being in a real dive, crowd not too old, not too young, prices not too high - $20/hour for a table, or $16/hour with a student ID.

I had a really great time today, I love these totally low-key, fun days. The company was excellent, and not too competitive - so it was really possible to relax, and not feel judged or mocked for sucking. (And suck I did - quite thoroughly. But I had fun sucking, which can be really hard to do in the wrong crowd.)

This time I purposely kept the invitations to a minimum, because I wanted a chance to "feel things out" and see how it all worked. I had a good time, though, and I'd be willing to arrange one of these periodically - say, once a month or so? Think of it like Lunch Club, except we don't stop at food. ;)

(Even for those of you not into bowling or pool, they're easy enough to play that if you relax you'll enjoy them even if you're a newbie and/or suck, and frankly very few people do them often so everyone else you're with has a good chance of sucking as well.)

So, yeah! The tentative plans are to do this again in July, and if anyone's interested and wants to be included, let me know. I'll probably cast out a wider net next time in looking for people, as well.
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