ntang (ntang) wrote,

The Window Washing GOD

The window washer has been washing the windows in our office. This is not an unusual occurrence in most office buildings, I'd have to imagine. What's different is the way he does it.

You see, he doesn't have one of those little standy-things that people lower from the outside to wash them. His way is a little simpler, a little closer to nature: the guy opens the window, steps out onto the (4 inch) ledge, and proceeds to wash the window with one hand while he holds on with the other.

The man is a gray-haired eastern european sort, and is totally blase about the fact that he's standing on the tips of his toes, balancing on a 4 inch window ledge, holding on to the inside of a window, 9 stories above the ground. I saw him do it yesterday, in the CEO's office on the 10th floor, and today for his encore he just did it down here on 9 and he went from window to window ON THE OUTSIDE. At least yesterday he came in and switched to the other window by going back out, rather than just walking along the ledge to the next one.

My God. The man has balls of titanium plated depleted uranium, big honking ones the size of bowling balls. I am in awe.

(I'm also pissed because I was going to bring my camera today but decided I didn't feel like it. DAMN IT.)

(On the other hand, if the flash distracted him, it would make for a great picture but I'd feel sort of guilty about, you know, causing him to plunge to his death.)


Update: I swear to God, there's some conspiracy... I was going to bring my camera in today, but decided not to at the last second. I checked with one of the designers - all three digital cameras are out today. One of the SA's has an SGI-cam hooked up to his SGI - and for some reason he can't log in today. 5 opportunities! All gone! This guy has some sort of anti-camera aura, but I swear, this is NOT some urban legend. The guy was out there!

Update 2: SCORE!!! There was a polaroid laying around, with film in it. Got the shot. I'll post it once it's been scanned.

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