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Enter the Matrix and the Merovingian

First off, a very interesting article on the Merovingian Mythos:

And a site on the Merovingian Order of the Holy Grail:

Interestingly, the whole Merovingian business seems to be intertwined with the grail myth, which I've always found to be one of the more interesting myths out there, especially since it is, itself, a melding of ancient pagan myths and more modern Christian myths. Tracing the etymology of these various stories back through time and sketching the "family tree" to try to trace them back to the original myths from which they originated is fascinating work, and one of those things I wish I had time to partake in. One of these days, when I go back to school, maybe.


I was playing Enter the Matrix today, and I finally got past the part that sucks - i.e. the entire first half. The game doesn't actually get interesting, either in game play or in story, until you get to the Merovingian's palace. Once there, you go all Buffy on his servants, in an almost purely melee-based level. For the first time you actually get to experience the full "glory" of the martial arts combat engine - which turns out to be a lot more varied than I realized, as well as a lot easier. I didn't die at all on this level, and breezed through the entire thing, bosses included. Still, I had more fun doing that than I did on the other levels.

One thing that bothers me about the game is that the movie sequences follow Ghost and Niobe, the captain and first mate of the Logos, but so many situations they're in mimic the situations Neo and the rest are in. The scene with Monica Bellucci was great in the movie, but seeing it replicated in the game, with different characters - it just feels like a waste of time. (I'm trying my hardest to talk about things vaguely enough not to give away any spoilers, so I apologize if it's more confusing than it has to be.)

Ah well. If you haven't gotten the game and are interested in it, it's got over an hour of extra footage, of which at least 10 minutes are worthwhile, and it's got a wide variety of game play types - third person shooter, third person driving, third person martial arts - of which at least 25% is enjoyable. If you're not a Matrix fan, I'd avoid it, and if you're looking for a top-notch game, I'd avoid it in that case - but if you want to see the footage, or love to revel in mediocrity, I highly recommend the game.
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