ntang (ntang) wrote,

The Matrix Reloaded

So I took my department to see the Matrix Reloaded.

Quick review:
It was ok. It was somewhat disappointing, and very different in feel from the first one. When I walked out of the first one, my jaw was practically hanging from my head, and my heart was practically pounding. I say practically because it still was a movie, after all, but it was also a thrill ride and I loved it. The second one? It was much slower paced. It was longer. It had more dialogue, more exposition, more "deep thoughts". Frankly - it had too much of that. The first 30 minutes, especially, dragged on a bit. I kept waiting to be sucked in on this non-stop thrill-ride, and it just didn't happen this time. The music was disappointing too.

Having said that - it didn't suck. It wasn't great, but it was good, and that's still better than most movies manage. I'm hoping they'll up the ante for the third movie, because if the series ends on the same level as the second one it definitely WILL be a real disappointment.

(Oh, and Monica Bellucci - mama mia!)

Now, for the spoilers.

First off - I never would've expected the big plot twist, that Neo turns out to be gay. Seeing him and the captain of the Kierkegaard getting it on was totally unexpected. When Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen joined them, that just blew my mind. It also was kind of gross, if you ask me, but the girls loved it.

As you probably all saw from the numerous ads and trailers, Hugo Weaving is back, and now he's found a way to replicate himself. I didn't mind that, and it was kind of nice to have the old nemesis back, but the product placement he did was shameless. Walking by signs for coke, having one of the agents chugging gatorade, that I could all live with. But when Hugo showed up in the final showdown wearing Nike shoes, checked his swatch, and eventually cut Neo's finger off with a Wusthof, it was just getting out of control.

Once again, there was a "cool" looking cell phone. It was an interesting choice, going with the retro look, and having it be a rotary dial. Still, it worked.

I think the thing that was most amazing was when the Ents finally arrived at Zion. I mean, those humans might be tough in the Matrix with their kung-fu grips and fancy sun-glasses, but they can't hold a candle to a pissed off Ent! I still don't see how they fit in the plot, though.

Anyways, the movie ends with a cliff-hanger. Neo is forced to choose - does he love Trinity more, or Elijah? It's a hard choice to make, and the movie cuts off just as he starts to extend his hand. Bastards!

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