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Microsoft and BestBuy: finding even more ways to rip off consumers.

Microsoft, Best Buy accused of Net scam

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters)


Plaintiff Samuel Kim said he unwittingly became a victim in February after making a purchase at a Best Buy store in Los Angeles with his debit card.

At checkout, a store employee scanned Kim's debit card and, without any explanation to him, scanned a trial MSN compact disc and placed it in his shopping bag, the lawsuit said.

When Kim asked why the compact disc had been scanned, the employee allegedly said it was to keep track of inventory.

But Best Buy apparently sent Kim's debit card information to Microsoft, which activated an MSN service account in his name without telling him, the lawsuit said.

Kim did not use the compact disc but discovered after receiving his bank statement that Microsoft had deducted a monthly service charge from his account, the suit said. He has not been unable to get a full refund from either company, his attorney Anthony Lee of San Francisco told Reuters.

Full story here:

In other news, MS Passport had a major, and incredibly stupid, security flaw. Read all about it - and the theoretical 2 trillion dollar fine they might have to pay (not that they will, realistically) - here:
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