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Long weekend.

Long time since I posted, too.

My first week as Director of Operations went pretty well, overall. We had a major outage at our main colocation site, and I had a lot of leftover paperwork and issues to sort through, plus we're doing all of the planning for Q2 (which we're technically 2 weeks into, now) - so basically, in terms of things to deal with, it was a nightmare. But, y'know, I've found I really like the spot. I like the difference in feeling, the difference in authority, the feeling that while I may have to deal with shit and get blamed for things all the time, I finally have the authority and power to make a difference and that's just so much more satisfying I can't begin to really describe it.

The week's been tiring, though, since I'm now juggling both my former workload and my new one; things should get much better once we've hired someone to make up for our loss. This weekend was especially tiring: my youngest got sick and spent the first half of today puking his guts out repeatedly, I've got work I've had to do this weekend (since I didn't feel like staying into the wee hours at work to do it over the week), and the kids had dentist appointments early in the morning yesterday, meaning I got very little sleep. All in all, I feel exhausted, which is sort of bad for a Sunday night.

I'm pretty positive, though, about the upcoming weeks and months. I think that while I'm getting buried (both by work and home life), it'll lead to bigger and better things, and both home and work will improve with time.

Right now, though, I just want to rest. I want sleep, damnit. Sleeeeeep.... on that note, I'm going to bed. I should spend more time reviewing the quarterly plans and things like that, but I can't do any more tonight. I'm desperately behind on reading my friends page on LJ, but oh well. I'm too exhausted to face more reading and thinking and writing tonight. G'nite, all.

(Oops... just realized I haven't done the bills and finances for this week. Whoops, looks like it'll be another 30 minutes before I hit the sack. Sigh.)

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