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Reason #23420526 I Hate People

While riding the bus this morning, I read a terrible headline in someone's paper. I can't remember exactly what it was (damn my eyes for not writing it down) but it basically discussed the war in Iraq and how the Republican Guard was putting up a stubborn resistance.

Stubborn? Excuse me? Whether or not you agree with the war, exactly how jaded do you have to be to describe people fighting for their lives (us OR them?!) as stubborn?! I'm sorry, but have we gotten so media-oversaturated and cocky that we view people fighting back when shot at or bombed a mere irritation, an annoyance that we have to swat away?

I went searching on google news, and searching for this: iraq + stubborn + republican guard returned a whole lot of hits, most of them really disturbing.

Here are some excerpts from a recent NYTimes Article: ( click here )

A Village Is Bloodied in a Stubborn Battle


The dead now make a trail through town. A sedan, its paint burned off, rested where it had lurched to a stop in front of the barbershop. Inside were two charred skeletons of Iraqis.

Two more Iraqis died along the alley beside the girls' school. On either side of the road were still more burned, bullet-pocked cars and trucks, some with bodies inside, one with a soldier who had fallen half out.

The American military's policy is to pack the dead in black bags to be taken to makeshift morgues for identification and, someday, repatriation. Here, there has been no time for it.

"Every time we clear guys, more come," said Col. William F. Grimsley, commander of the division's First Brigade, whose troops are trying to hold several miles around Kifl.


"Son of a bitch is still shooting at us," said Lt. Col. Jeffrey Randall Sanderson of Waynesville, N.C., the commander of the Second Battalion, 69th Armor, said. "I'm not going to clear the village. I'm not going to put American soldiers in there. I'll be here a month and a half."


An armored Humvee with a speaker blasted messages in Arabic, telling civilians to stay inside and soldiers to surrender.

"Your cause is lost," was repeated over and over.

"He's broadcasting, `Surrender, surrender, surrender,' and they ain't surrendering," Colonel Sanderson said. "I don't know why not. If they want to fight out, we'll fight it out."

Every time they played it, he added, it seemed the Iraqis fought harder.

"Hell," he said, "it's frustrating."

Jesus Fucking Christ. I hate people.

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