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Day out

My ex hurt herself and so wasn't able to take the kids this weekend. I didn't find that out until after I already had made plans, though, so I spent the day out. I had a good time, though, and I'll spend all day tomorrow with the kids.

We (me, penchantnyc and ozzdo) started off with brunch at La Flor, a bakery/cafe in Queens. It was pretty good - everything was decent, but nothing really wowed me and it's the kind of place I'd go to if it was close to me but not the kind of place I'd go out of my way to eat at (unlike Sripraphai, for instance). Still, it was a fun little place, and had a nice variety of baked goods to choose from on top of the standard brunch fare and some sandwiches and entrees. The french toast was good but very sweet - too sweet for my taste, actually. The eggs/potatoes/sausage/toast breakfast (I was still hungry after the french toast) was ok - but the scrambled eggs w/ cheese had the cheese just tossed on top of the scrambled eggs, which is fine, I guess, I just never understood that. Why not just scramble the cheese into the eggs? Ah well. The cookie and tart were good, anyways. :)

After that, we went to see Amandla! a Revolution in Four-Part Harmony at the Film Forum. I was really tired, and so spent more time yawning and shifting in my chair than I should have, but don't let that mislead you - it's really an interesting and well-made movie/documentary.

It deals with South Africa and the rise and fall of apartheid, but it does it in a novel fashion - through music. To get lazy and quote from the website: "Amandla! tells the story of black South African freedom music and reveals the central role it played in the long battle against apartheid. The first film to specifically consider the music that sustained and galvanized black South Africans for more than 40 years, Amandla!'s focus is on the struggle's spiritual dimension, as articulated and embodied in song."

If that sounds trivial, it's not. It deals with the subject very seriously, and intelligently, just from a different angle than anything else I've ever seen on the subject. It's definitely worth seeing - and if you're in NYC or the area, it's showing for a few days longer.

After that, it was getting late and everyone was tired. I wanted to see my kids, and Oz needed to get some chores done, so we just went on our merry ways.

I had some fun with my camera while we were out. I will say one thing about La Flor - it's got some gorgeous colors and textures, the place has a wonderful visual appeal.


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