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So I was watching a DVD with my dad, and we stopped and chatted about it in the kitchen for a bit, and finally, after 1:30 am I walked into my bedroom. I stopped cold when I saw a bright red light playing across the window. I looked at it for a second, and then turned around and marched right back out, more than a little unnerved.

I went into my dad's room (he was in the bathroom brushing his teeth, and the light was still off in his room) and looked out the window, trying to find the source of it. I found it after a minute of looking - it was shining out from the apartment building across the street. My guess is a couple of stupid kids with a laser pointer, having fun with every window whose lights were on - the other possibility being a range finder, like in a camera. Or if you're feeling morbid, like in a set of military binocs or range finders, I suppose*. (And c'mon, at nearly 2 am when you're tired and it's pretty dark, if a bright red light shined in your window wouldn't you be a bit unnerved? Maybe not, maybe I'm just a wuss, I dunno.)

I borrowed my dad's binocs and spent some time in the dark trying to get a clean look at them, but I couldn't see them, all of the lights were out in their apartment. I did note which one it was, though, and took some photos for reference. I'm not sure what good it'll do me, but I figure it out to be possible to figure out which apartment it was coming from (in terms of apartment number) and then mail them an anonymous note or something... return the freak-out favor.

So anyways, all of this is entirely pointless, I'm just enjoying playing spy, it's like being a kid and using those shitty $10 telescopes and "spy glasses" and shit. Now I just wish I had one of those Sony camcorders with the night vision option, that'd be badass. ;)

* - I'm not actually sure if the range finder used in military actions looks the same way that the one in a camera does. I also didn't think of the whole rifle/sniper/hunter thing until after the fact - I'm not that paranoid. Quite.
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