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I had lunch at Patria today.

It was a business lunch, I was there with my boss and a vendor. They each got the same thing - an empanada appetizer and then some fish dish, in a reddish orange sauce, with a few mussels on the side. I forget, exactly.

I got the thai-ish coconut ceviche to start off with, and then got merlusa - a fish somewhat similar to sea bass - w/ shrimp and a sauce that begins with an "o" whose name I can't remember. (I'm useful, ain't I? Heh, I'm overtired. :P )

The ceviche was ok - it was very dressed up, served in a half coconut on a mound of crushed ice, and consisted of vaguely cube-shaped chunks of tuna in a coconut and bathed in a sauce of coconut milk and lemongrass and some other thai-ish flavors. It was pretty good, but the chunks were awfully big at times and so didn't really get that almost-cooked look/feel/etc. to them, and hadn't fully absorbed the sauce. For most people, that's probably a plus, but I'm not big on raw foods so I would've definitely preferred smaller pieces that were more thoroughly marinated. Still, it seemed very delicate and of good quality, and there was a fairly large amount of it.

The fish was ok. The sauce was ok, and the shrimps were ok. It was on a bed of green and yellow stuff, reminded me a bit of seaweed.

The pre-food bread was very good; it had currants in it, and they served it with a venezuelan topping, which is basically just butter, sour cream (I think) and garlic, all mashed up into a paste. That was quite good.

Overall, I thought the food was pretty good. It wasn't worth the money - over $30 for my 2 dishes during lunch! - but was enjoyable, and the wait staff was attentive without being pushy or intrusive. If I wasn't falling asleep typing this, I'd give a better (or at least more coherent) review, but I can barely keep my eyes open. So I'll end this now, while I still can.

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