ntang (ntang) wrote,

Nicholas and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Commute

While not quite as bad as saintlex's recent trip, my morning commute absolutely sucked.

I got out to the bus station on time, a few minutes before 9. The buses are supposed to be running more or less normally by now, they were on a normal schedule even as of yesterday. Heh, yeah, right.

Well, the 9 am express came around 9:20, and was packed so full that there was only room for maybe one or two more people to get on - standing (i.e. there were already at least 9 or 10 people standing on the bus). I didn't feel like suffering through that, so I figured I'd wait - there's also a 9 am local which never showed, so I figured I'd get on that when it came.

Well, it didn't come. So we waited (a few other people opted not to take that bus). And waited. The 9:30 local finally showed up at 10, and said there weren't any more express buses running. He had room, so we all got on and sat down, but then of course we had to suffer through the local ride. To make it even better, he had to take some detours because some of the roads were closed.

So, eventually, I got in after 11, having taken almost 2 and a half hours to go door to door. And here I thought last night was bad, sheesh. I'm not staying late tonight, I want to get home.

Oh - and the best thing - after standing in the snow for an hour, my cough and cold are starting to act up again, just when they were finally going away. YAY! Should've just stayed #$#^#$^ home.
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