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Snow day

Well, I was sick today and tired, so I took a sick day. (Funny how that works.)

I couldn't stay in all day, though - because tonight was the birthday dinner for penchantnyc and ozzdo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU TWO!

(And incidentally, since I haven't done it recently and I'm on the verge of being late: Happy Birthday to one of my dearest and oldest online friends, arachne! And Happy Birthday to the_dibbler (and congrats!) and Happy Birthday to muerte (and congrats to you too!)! And here are some more exclamation marks, distribute them as you will: !!!!!)

So I ventured out into the snow today at about 5. A lot of places hadn't shoveled out their sidewalks, so I found myself diving through 3 and 4 foot tall drifts of snow. It was actually fun, so I can't complain. The bus stop was completely snowed over, so I waited for the bus on top of a 4 foot tall snowdrift. People driving by seemed somewhat bemused by me towering over them, casually waiting for the bus, on my little snow platform 4 feet up in the air.

I finally got to the dinner, half an hour late (7:30), and was the last person there. Damn all their NY-resident-asses. Anyways, from furthest to nearest, I joined penchantnyc (J) and his friend D, aliasa, lwoodbloo, mscheesecake, and ozzdo. We ate at Tangra Masala.

I had a good time, and it was interesting swapping horror stories from work with mscheesecake, who's working at a place I used to... but I have to admit, I was disappointed with the food. I had high hopes - it's a Chinese/Indian mix, apparently Indian food cooked in a more Chinese fashion, using oil instead of ghee, etc. J ate there before and really liked it, which is unusual, because he hates Indian food.

So I tried the food, and he picked out a lot, all of it interesting... but, y'know, it just didn't seem that special to me. It was ok, sure. But for starters, it was Chinese food with a few Indian influences, not vice versa. As Chinese food, it just didn't wow me. As Indian food, it did even less to wow me. We had goat and chicken and beef and shrimp and string beans, and none of it was bad, but none of it was great, either. So, yeah. Everyone else seemed to love it, so I didn't say anything, but I don't think I'd ever bother going back.

Now that I've been a bastard and trashed the restaurant, let me just go back and say I had a good time. :) I enjoyed meeting the new people (new to me, anyways), and had a good time seeing the old people. My only regret was that I was late, so I missed a lot of time with them, when I'm sure everyone was getting to know each other and such. That was disappointing. And I will admit the nearly-5-hours spent travelling back and forth was a bit much. ;) But still, it was a good time. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY penchantnyc AND ozzdo!!! :)

And now, I'm going to bed. Gotta go in to work tomorrow. I need a helicopter, sigh.

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