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On Hair, and the Lack Thereof

On the spur of the moment I went downstairs and got a haircut today. I needed one for a while, but I've always hated haircuts - they're annoying, they cost money, and they make you think about your hair. I've never liked my hair, so the less thought I have to put into it, the better.

As the haircut was starting, the woman told me she'd cut it to make it thicker. Sigh. Then it got me thinking about my hairline, and about the two impending bald spots I'm getting. Or, rather, the one I'm getting - until the end when she handed me the mirror, I started looking around, and saw with a little horror that I'm developing a bald spot in the top/back of my head, too. (The front/middle is thinning out a bit.)

No, I'm not bald yet. The problem is, I've got thin hairs - literally, each strand is very thin - and so things like losing hair is even more apparent on my head than on other peoples'. On top of that, I really am losing hair.

I was out with penchantnyc and a few other people one night when baldness came up in the conversation and he mentioned that I was going bald too (there were others there losing their hair) and he pointed it out saying I combed back over it. Honestly, I had no idea what he was talking about, as I simply hadn't looked at the back of my head. I was just combing my hair the same way I had been since I was a child - straight back. (To put it another way: when the woman asked today how I wanted my hair, my first reply was one word: "simple". I then elaborated a bit - shorter in the back, much shorter on the sides, over the ears. Yeah, I know, she might choke on all of the instructions, but like I said, I hate thinking about hair.)

It all seemed to start a few years ago, really, when I started noticing that my normally thin hair (it's always been thin, like I said) was getting even thinner, which was new. I was used to it being thin in a constant sort of way - not getting thicker, not getting thinner. Well, now it was getting thinner. It's continued thinning over the last few years, and now I'm finding myself presented with this and wondering what to do.

Shaving my head bald would just look silly on me. I don't have the head, the face, or whatever to pull off the bald look. So scratch that.

There's Rogaine or whatever other hair restoration creams and gels and whatevers there are. They bother me a bit, in part because they're supposed to be very expensive and because they aren't even guaranteed to work.

There are hair transplants, but I can't see how that'd work, especially since I'm not especially hairy anywhere else, except my face. My face grows hair like a mofo, and thick too, I don't know why the top of my head couldn't have been similarly "blessed".

Can't forget the rug, of course. Hmmm. I don't think so, I'd rather just suffer than staple roadkill to my head.

Of course, the last option, which is what I've been doing so far, is just to ignore it and let whatever happen happen. That's not necessarily a good idea, though, if I also want to do things like "ever get laid again". (And yes, I want.)

I'm also wondering why I'm getting hit with this, so early as well. I mean, both of my parents have thin hair too, never a good sign, but I was doing ok until all of a sudden I stopped doing so ok. (There's a deep thought for you.) I'm inclined to blame part of it on stress - the past few years I've noticed that my hair's been falling out - like when I brush or shower or whatever - and I'm wondering if it's due in part to stress. I've certainly had enough of that in my life recently, and it has been noticeably work in the past few years. So there's a possibility.

The other possibility is just that I just suck and I'm losing my hair. Depressing, but quite possible.

Anyways, that's that. I'm pondering going to the doctor and asking him what he recommends, if anything. It's been a while since I've had a checkup and with my winter-long cold it's probably worth visiting him anyways. I should probably have him check on my asthma and whatever else, make sure everything seems ok.

Sigh. I'm too young for this crap.

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