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Sick again sick again jiggety-jig

It feels like I've been sick forever.

It's been weeks since I've really felt healthy now, and that's never fun. Between my asthma and my allergies and whatever else I seem to always have low-grade (or worse) colds over the course of the entire winter. I get frequent coughs, and sometimes they even get worse. I've gotten a major sickness every other winter for the past few winters, too, so it's not as if it's only low-grade colds. Worst of all, though, is the general feeling of being worn out, the weariness, both physical and emotional, that it brings on me.

I know I sound whiny, but, well, deal with it. Go read someone else's journal, I need to whine right now. :P

Really, though, I want it to be over. It's as much my fault as anything else, I suppose, I never work out and don't take vitamins regularly, I really should take better care of my body. But I can't help but think that maybe it's not all my fault, and even if it is, well, I dunno. I want it over. I want to feel good again.

It's starting to get me really down. It can take me a lot of mental and emotional energy just to get by day to day, sometimes, and when I feel sick for a couple of months straight, it just saps that away, bit by bit. Recently I've felt like hiding away from everyone; I've gone to bed "early" (i.e. before midnight) almost every night for 2 weeks straight and yet I get more and more tired every day... my mother asked me to get tested for thyroid disease, at one point, because it apparently runs in part of the family and it sounded like I had a lot of the symptoms. I did get tested, and I don't have it. The problem is, I never seem to have anything, I just seem to feel like crap as a matter of fact, as just part of the daily routine, every winter for months on end.

I dunno. I'm sick again, if you hadn't guessed, another cold. Nothing major, but my body was just starting to get over the last one. I'm just getting tired of it all. Between work and life and the emotional and physical effort of making it, day by day, I'm feeling worn down to the bone.
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