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I utterly wiped out today. I'm not even sure why.

This week I've tried to be good; I've gotten in bed by midnight pretty much every night and even closed my eyes and turned out the lights. I've then tossed and turned and failed utterly to get to sleep. I've finally drifted off sometime between 1 and 2 each night - which is actually about when I normally get to sleep, anyways.

Well, it's been catching up to me, which is odd mainly because it's when I normally go to sleep anyways. There shouldn't be any catching up to do.

Last night, I went to my cousin's place, and we had a nice time, but I was about ready to pass out by the end of it. We talked for a bit, then made dinner together and ate, talked some more, and then she made banana bread... but had no cake tin, so made muffins. It was a nice, quite night, the kind I've needed some of.

Anyhoo, this morning we got up, went to J's game, realized my dad mixed up the time by an hour, went back home, I passed out, was woken up so we could go back to J's game*, got donuts on the way back, I passed out again, and then we had lunch. After that, I passed out again - and other than a few momentary lapses, I slept straight through until 5 pm. Considering the game was a morning game and we were done with lunch by 1:30 or so, that's pretty impressive.

I'm still tired, too.

* - and they LOST! Boggin. They're now 2 and 1, which is certainly not bad, but they got blown out today, 10-23. The other team had two really good players - well, one small and really good player, and one HUGE and decent player. The coach never took them out, and two of their smallest, obviously least athletic kids never even got a chance to go on the court. In high school, sure, that's understandable - but this is the 7-8 year old league, EVERY kid is supposed to get game time, every kid is supposed to get a chance. The coach for J's team lets every kid play, and for about equal time. J was in for 2 quarters, along with every other player, good OR bad. So yeah, the HUGE kid scored about 12 of those 23 points, the really good small one another 6, maybe, and the rest were free throws. I don't mind J's team losing, but I do mind when the other coach doesn't "play fair". And it must really suck to be one of the not-so-great kids on his team, they never even get to play.

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