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...I love LJ, I really do. For all of the stupid problems and all of the idiots and retards and loud, giggly 13 year olds, there are a few people who really make it all worthwhile. I've made friends on here, I've been educated, and fascinated, and appalled. It's actually rather touching. I get all teary-eyed thinking of some of what's happened on here. (And I get all pissy thinking of other things on here, but I'm trying to be positive here. ;) )

I have to admit, I get jealous, sometimes, reading some other journals, seeing how interesting they are, how pretty they are, how much nicer and deeper and better than mine they seem. But that's part of the magic of LiveJournal. There's so much here and it's so rich. LiveJournal isn't just a website, it's become a part of my life now. Scary, but true.

So, cheers, LJ, and cheers, all of you worthwhile people. I'm glad I "met" you all, and I hope to keep on meeting you all. Here's to all the experiences I've had and will have. *raises glass*

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