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Ow freaking OW OW OW.

I got a sandwich from Subway today, it's where I usually go when I just want something cheap and easy*. I got the usual - a 6 inch tuna sandwich on the wheat bread bun/sub/thing. As usual, I got it with both sweet and hot peppers.

Well, the guy who made the sandwich was very generous, but apparently has very bad aim. He front-loaded most of the sweet peppers, and back-loaded most of the hot peppers - meaning as I got towards the end of the sandwich I took a bite and suddenly had 4 or 5 large pieces of hot pepper in my mouth. Oy frickin' vey. I had to polish off my can of coke and go running for water.

So, the moral of the story is: watch the pepper spatial distribution.

* - I'm referring to food.
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