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Dog shootings: Yet Another Reason I'm glad I'm not living in the south.

There are stories about it all over the net, but basically, a bunch of redneck Tennessee cops accosted an innocent family and shot their dog without provocation.

There's an article with a video of what happened here: http://www.tennessean.com/local/archives/03/01/27473390.shtml?Element_ID=27473390

The story, basically, goes like this.

Family goes on vacation. Family stops for gas. Father accidentally leaves wallet on top of car after paying for gas and they drive off.

A few miles later, the wallet flies off the car (not shockingly), and money and credit cards and such fly all over the road. A suspicious onlooker calls the cops to report that there's a car with money flying from it.

Cops find the family, driving in their car. They pull them over in a "felony stop", where they made the driver (the father, I believe) toss the keys out of the window and then come out with his hands up, and then the cops (of which there were at least 5) proceeded to cuff and secure the two parents and their child.

Meanwhile, the family is telling the cops they have no idea what's going on, but that their dog(s) are in the car and could they please just close the door before they run away. One cop closes one door, the rest ignore them.

The dog in question, a little (about a foot, foot and a half - that's 0.3 meters to you Euro types) bulldog, comes prancing out of the car, with that annoying little-dog whine. It runs over to one of the cops to play with him, and the cop shoots it with a shotgun.

You might think it's justifiable in some way, that the cop felt threatened, etc. But let's quickly review some of the relevant facts.

1.) It was a tiny little dog. Unless he's got a fatal allergy to dog hair, that thing was too small to do any real damage.

2.) The cops had no report of a crime. They heard about a car spewing cash, more or less. Last I checked, that was eccentric, not illegal, and certainly not a felony. Even if it was illegal, there's the whole "innocent until proven guilty" aspect of the law.

3.) The cops outnumbered the victims. The family consisted of a father, mother, son, and one or two dogs. The cops consisted of at least 5 inbred rednecks, all armed with weapons, at least one with a shotgun drawn and ready. There were enough cops to secure the victims, close the doors, cover the entire area, and still manage to have a donut or two.

4.) The victims were unarmed, and comprised of only 2 adults. (You know, being a family and all that.)

So, I could go on, but the end result is: I am never, ever going to Tennessee. Ever.
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