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New Years Thoughts

It's 2003, at least everywhere that counts. If you live somewhere where it isn't 2003 yet, all I can say is get with it.

So I figured, on such a historic occasion (the start of 2003 doesn't happen often), it seemed appropriate to spend some time reflecting on life. So, here are a few thoughts for 2003.

Sordid Confessions:

I get a sick pleasure out of deleting lots of emails out of my inbox en masse. Spam, automated status reports, cron emails that no one bothered cleaning up... it's as good as sex*.

When I'm at home, after dinner, and I have ice cream, sometimes I lick the bowl out. With facial hair, that can be really messy. I still like to do it. (I started doing that at a young, young age, and I never got around to stopping. I don't do it in public, of course, but at home? Yep, yep.)

Geeky Thoughts:

I like to play computer games. The thing is, they're too freaking short. After reading a fairly glowing review of Syberia in CGW (and it is, btw, very good), I bought it. It was cheap, it's a small company I'm supporting, and I figure it'll last me a while, right? It's an adventure game, a point-and-click old-fashioned adventure game. I finished it in about 36 hours, real time. Note: not game time, or playing time. That's including sleep, eating, playing with the kids, watching tv... I figured I got maybe 10 or 12 hours out of it.

Does this bother anyone else? I feel like, in general, everything costs more and gives you less nowadays. Movies: $10 now, for an average of 2 hours of entertainment. That's $5/hour (not including snacks, which doubles the cost). Comics? Well, the average comic is around $2, I guess (I don't buy single issues much anymore, usually just collections and reprints (because they're cheaper)), and how long will a single issue of a comic last? Maybe 15 minutes, or 30 minutes if it's an involving one with a lot of text or very intricate drawings that catch my eye. So even saying it'll take 30 minutes, that's $4/hour. I paid about $30 for Syberia, and got 12 hours out of it, that's around $2.50/hour. Even paperback books now cost around $6 or $7, although at least they take a few hours - maybe $1-2/hour at best, although I've ripped through a few "easy reads" in an hour or two before without breaking a sweat.

This pisses me off. I don't have a lot of free money in the first place, and it's worth less and less every day - and most people have less than I do. To give it a slight bit of perspective: entertainment costs, nowadays, more per hour than minimum wage before taxes, which means if you want to go have 5 hours of fun on a Friday night, you need to spend the entire week earning it.

New Years Resolutions:

Don't make any resolutions you can't keep.

See above.

* - I've pretty much forgotten what sex is like at this point, so take that for what it's worth. At this point, I can say anything is good as sex, because I wouldn't know any better.

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