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I'm back.

Ye gods, I'm tired.

- Woke up, got me and the kids ready
- Dropped dry cleaning (suit for the wedding)**
- Dropped off kids
- Went into NYC
- Got a new copy of my birth certificate
- Deposited check
- Got passport photos and a notarized copy of my birth cert. (which is apparently useless)
- Went into NJ
- Got my non-driver's ID renewed. Picked up a driver's manual to study to get my license some day soon.
- Went back into NYC.
- Got my passport application submitted*.
- Went back into NJ.
- Picked up my son.
- Found out I was too late to get a hair cut. DAMN.
- Scheduled haircut for tomorrow.
- Returned home.
- Typing this now.
- About to go leave and pick up the baby.

* - This was a messy, ugly process and it had no need to be. The federal government sucks. Big time. So does the NJ government, although not quite as much. NYC seems to handle things pretty well overall. Somehow that progression doesn't surprise me.

** - I forgot to mention this the first time around, so this is technically an update, but it's a mid-entry update which makes it harder to... er... lose... my train of thought... uh... whatever.
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