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Gimme your info!

This is a private poll (i.e. only I can see the results) - basically, if you don't mind me having your address, phone, whatever, put them below. Even if I should already have them, assume I'm an idiot who loses everything, mainly because I am. I put in three text-entry fields because I realize your info probably won't all fit in one.

Address, phone, personal name, credit card numbers, social security numbers, swiss bank account numbers - gimme whatever you want. I promise not to... uh... well, I, uh... promise to... uh... not to come to your house and... uh... kill you with... a rusty shovel. There. Don't you feel much safer now?

Poll #84785 Gimme your info.

What's your address?

What's your address? (line 2)

What's your address? (line 3)

Disclaimer: this in no way constitutes any binding agreement to send cards, presents, or anything else. In fact, if it wasn't saved on LJ I'd probably just lose it again. But... BUT...! At least if you put your address in here, there's a theoretical chance I'll actually write to you at some point or send you something via snail-mail. Not likely, but a chance. (Hey, I'm just being honest. I'm a flake about stuff like that.)

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