ntang (ntang) wrote,


Had a bit of a bleh day. Got some stuff done but kept getting sidetracked by stuff and various idiots*. Just a frustrating day. Between the news of the layoffs and the various other distractions I couldn't seem to focus on anything for long enough to get any serious work done**. Sigh.

* - This has nothing to do with anyone on LJ or IRC, lest any paranoid people think otherwise. :P

** - This is not to say I got nothing done, I just wasn't as productive as I like to be. I like to get a LOT*** done and I didn't.

*** - I'm aware it's not good form to use "a lot" but tough titties****, I like it.

**** - Remind me sometime to write down the list of alternative words the spellchecker on here comes up with for titties. It's quite amusing. And long.

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