ntang (ntang) wrote,

OS X and an apple flatscreen monitor

I'm writing this on OS X, on one'a them fancy shmancy flatscreen monitors. I have to say, it's pretty nifty. I'm not a big fan (read: I really frickin' hate) the single mouse-button, it's a travesty, and this box has no mozilla so I have to use IE (another ugh: I've become nearly dependant on a few moz features like tabbed browsing - once you've tried it, you'll never go back) and I really don't quite understand how it juggles tasks (the taskbar on the bottom only shows minimized windows, not all of them - so this terminal screen, which was under 4 IE windows, was only accessible (as far as I know) by minimizing all of the IE windows. Oh, another thing: the apple round buttonless mouse blows. It's not particularly comfortable, it's only got one button, it's got no mouse wheel, the enire thing is a button, and it looks sort of stupid. Oh, and it only has ONE BUTTON. I know, it's a mac thing, but goddamnit. You can't pass yourself off as a nix-alike if you only have one button by default. It's in The Rules.

So I've definitely got some criticisms of it, but I have to say, now that I'm sitting here using one of these new Macs, they're pretty slick. I could definitely get used to this. Now I just need to win the lottery so I can afford one. ;)

I do really like the fonts, though - they'er very clean and nicely anti-aliased - not quite perfect, but probably the best overall I've seen. I thought Redhat 8 was slick (and it is! very! don't get me wrong) but it's not as slick as this.

Anyways, ApacheCon progresses. This is the lunch break; after this is over I'm going back into another session, not sure which I'll attend, yet. The first one I went to was by Redhat's own Mark Cox and it was on apache security - it was ok, but nothing special. Definitely more of an executive summary than any "real" information. Actually, upon further looking, the next set seems to be utterly useless to me, so I'll probably go relax or something. Maybe I'll see if I can find someplace I can plug power in and hop on my laptop, which while somewhat less cool than this thing, is still much more useful to me. I'm not a big fan of shared terminals.


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