ntang (ntang) wrote,

Fire Searcher

I've been appointed one of the fire searchers for the 9th floor at work. We had a meeting today, for all of the searchers, the fire wardens, and the junior fire wardens. The entire meeting was basically a case of CYA: this is what you say to these questions if the fire inspector asks - but hopefully he won't. All of that was for the fire wardens, though. We searchers, though, aspire to a nobler past time, one in which our memory and intellect aren't valued.

This means, when the building is burning down, I'm responsible for searching under desks, in air shafts, out windows, in bathroom stalls, and anywhere else for people who didn't hear the fire alarm.

Well, all's I have to say is, for the sake of the people on my floor, I sure hope there's never a fire. How do you like your employees? Well done?
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