ntang (ntang) wrote,

Apple's Switch Ads

Ok, I just saw one of the newer Switch ads, the Ellen Feiss (thanks to irnbruise for the linkage) ad. She has her own fansite, too, ellenfeiss.net. I've seen several others on tv, and one or two on their website.

Are these "real people", or just actors they've hired to play a part? Because it seems like, either way, they lose - they either found the most annoying bunch of former PC-users to be their spokespeople, or they must've hired the actors and specifically said "Hey, we're trying to really turn people off to Apple, so be as annoying as you can, ok? Work with me, babe, work with me!"

I just don't get it. They could not be a more annoying group if they tried (and maybe they did). The thing is, I really like the looks of OS X and I really want to give it a shot sometime, but the ads are a major turnoff. I mean, Gianni Jacklone? "Yo ADRIAN!" God, he makes me ashamed of my field. How can someone like him be an IT Director? It boggles the mind.

I wish they'd stop with the Switch ads and would just show how the new OS sucks much less than before. Then again, maybe the Average American is dumb enough to really like those people in the ads. "Hey, that person's as stupid and annoying as I am - and they switched! I should too! Hey look, a cliff! They're walking over it, maybe I should try that tooooooooo..." (Uh oh.)

Update: Ok, bride just sent me this link: http://www.ucomics.com/foxtrot/2002/11/06/ . Very nice. :)

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