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...thanks for the kind words, people, but like I said there was really no need for it.

Anyways, relax, I'm fine now. I needed to rant and be depressed for a night but I'm ok now. Incidentally I realized afterwards that there were some charges missing and that I'm actually closer to -$600 than -$400. Sweet. Fortunately today it doesn't seem as bad. I'm probably going to get hit with some late charges, but we'll see. I -may- be able to time things so I actually pay all of my bills on time without bouncing any checks, anything's possible. I've done similar things before, although not usually for such a large amount or with such horrible timing.

Anyways, again, thanks, blah blah blah, but don't worry about me, there's no need. I'll get through it, I always do somehow. I just sometimes suffer from a momentary crisis of faith. Oh well.

Heh, I guess this makes the decision about what to get my cousin for her wedding simple. Nothing. :P

Update: Whoops, my DSL payment just went through automatically. That's another step deeper in I go, whee. At this rate maybe I should just declare bankruptcy. :P
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